The Ian Fairweather Project
Chronology of the life of Ian Fairweather
1891-1919 The Early Years
1920-1948 Developing Artist
1949-1974 Mature Artist
About the Project

1949-1974 Mature Artist

In 1949, Ian Fairweather had his first solo exhibition at the Macquarie Galleries in Sydney. Macquarie Galleries exhibited his work until the 1970s.

Fairweather left Cairns in 1950, making his way to Darwin. In 1952, he made a solo raft journey from Darwin to Indonesia where he was arrested and deported to England.

By 1953, he had returned to Australia. Fairweather went to Bribie Island and constructed a thatch hut where he lived the rest of his life.

It was on Bribie Island that Fairweather produced his mature work. In 1962 his masterpiece Epiphany was first shown.

Fairweather died of a heart attack on 20 May 1974. His ashes were scattered on Bribie Island. He couldn’t be buried because there was no cemetery on the Island.